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151 problems but sleep ain't one

A bomb or mixed drink to give you a little boost at the start, middle or end of your night!

Adult Chocolate Milk

A flavorful dessert without much effort.

Between The Sheets

It's subtle lemon/orange citrus flavor is easy on the palate.

Black and Tan

The Guinness will layer on top of the Bass. Commonly known as a "Half and Half" in Ireland. A stout or porter can be a

Bloody Mary

A delightfully unique drink that inspires creativity with each sip. Believe us that there is not one perfect Bloody Mary

Bourbon Peach

A mix of peach and bourbon with a hint of cinnamon.

Chilled Fireball

The best way to enjoy Fireball.

Coconut Mojito

A fresh and mildly sweet cocktail perfect for transporting anyone to a relaxing time.

Cuba Libre (Lemon-Lime)

A twist on the popular Cuba Libre cocktail.

Cucumber Gin Mojito

All the cleansing refreshment of spa water with a little extra kick


This vigorously shaken drink was made famous in Cuba and spread through the Caribbean. You can substitute lime for


Dirty Martini

Nothing dirty is done lightly. Remember to shake vigorously!

Dysfunctional Family

A whiskey-citrus shot with banana to keep the peace.

Gin Fizz

Irish Bomb

Often called an 'Irish Car Bomb'. Drop the shot into the pint glass and chug! A sweet and chocolatey surprise awaits in

Kumquat Mojito

Take your favorite mojito recipe and replace lime with kumquat or use this one! It's an orange like delight!

Lemon-Lime Margarita

A fresh, sweet and tart, no chemical drink.


A classic cocktail that's seductive.


A minty sweet cocktail that is worth the effort to make.

Old Bay® Bloody Mary

A BarSidekick spin on a classic using old bay!

Old Fashioned

A sweet drink that has a large amount of varieties. Whiskey can be substituted for Brandy.


A well-known drink dating back to the early 1900s.

Passion Aura

A delightful passion fruit meets orange story of tranquilizing sips.


A delightful pear, lemon and gin cocktail that will wow almost any critic.

Piña Colada

A smooth and simple recipe for any occasion.

Rum Apori

Similar to a rum runner


A BarSidekick spin on a classic! Orange, pineapple and cinnamon combine into a frothy mix of flavor.


A BarSidekick spin on a classic! Cranberry, grapefruit and cinnamon combine into a frothy mix of flavor.

Sex On The Beach

Sparkling Mojito

A recipe that mixes a bright flavor to the classic mojito using champagne or sparkling wine.

Tom Collins

A classic Gin cocktail.